I Always Felt There Was More To Life.


At age 23, all I wanted to be was an elite strength and conditioning coach. I had already completed an honours degree (finishing with a high distinction), trained elite athletes in a number of sports, published an academic paper on high level performance and presented at a national conference.

But then, a snowboarding accident that required major surgery changed everything. To my dismay, my doctor told me I should "find another career”.

This news was devastating to say the least. However, being 23 and full of gusto, I decided to ignore the advice and persevere. Everything in my body was telling me to “Slow Down”, while my mind, ego and aspirations were determined to speed up. I spent the next 5 years pushing myself to the limit, in all areas in my life. I worked, studied, trained (and partied) to the extreme. This high paced lifestyle eventually caught up with me.

In 2013 my adrenal system crashed, my thyroid shut down and my cholesterol spiked. 

I hurt, everywhere. My body was constantly stiff and sore, even when I hadn't trained, and my mind was a mess. My confidence fell to an all-time low and depression began knocking at my door. This was my rock-bottom. 

I decided I had to make a change, or risk losing it all. The first step I took was to learn how to meditate. This had such a profound effect on my life that I soon started to change my perspective on exercise and wellness. I began gravitating toward practices to heal my mind, body and soul. I started training in a more nurturing way, listening to my body, and began using yoga and corrective movement exercises. I adopted a natural whole-foods diet and I focused on eating to help heal my depleted body.

With my already extensive background in physiology, nutrition and performance, I learned to incorporate meditation practices to help others through their journey. 

My role is to help you develop and maintain the tools needed to live a healthy, balanced, fulfilled life. This holistic approach has helped so many others achieve a deeper level of performance. I would love the chance to share it with you. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it
— Abraham Lincoln