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Performance is Multifaceted & Individually based

Mitchell Woods brings together a coaching experience like you’ve never had before. Having worked with some of the best elite performance coaches in the world; Mitchell has the capacity to develop your mind, body and beyond.

Feel like your development is missing something? Most programs are limited to a physical or non-physical modality. However, research shows that we are an integrated system where mind and body interact as one. Therefore it is essential to cultivate a program around the individual or team that addresses a truly holistic course of action.

My Story
Mitchell Woods
Performance Coach

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— My Story

How It All Started.

When I was 23, all I wanted to be was an elite strength and conditioning coach. I had already completed an honours degree, trained elite athletes in several sports, published an academic paper on high level performance and presented at a national conference. But then, a snowboarding accident that required major surgery changed everything. To my dismay, my doctor told me I should “find another career”.

— My Story

Rock Bottom.

This news was devastating to say the least. However, being 23 and full of gusto, I decided to ignore the advice and persevere. Everything in my body was telling me to “Slow Down”, while my mind, ego and aspirations were determined to speed up. I spent the next 5 years pushing myself to the limit, in all areas in my life. I worked, studied, trained (and partied) to the extreme. This high-paced lifestyle eventually caught up with me.

In 2013 my adrenal system crashed, his thyroid shut down and my cholesterol spiked. I hurt, everywhere. My body was constantly stiff and sore, even when I hadn’t trained, and my mind was a mess. My confidence fell to an all-time low and depression began knocking at my door. This was my rock-bottom.

— My Story

Changes I had To Make.

I decided I had to make a change, or risk losing it all. The first step I took was to learn how to meditate. This had such a profound effect on my life that I started to change my perspective on exercise and wellness. I began gravitating toward practices to heal my mind, body and soul. I started training in a more nurturing way, listening to my body, and began using yoga and corrective movement exercises. I adopted a natural whole-foods diet and focused on eating to help heal my depleted body.

— My Story

How I can support you.

With my already extensive background in physiology, sports science and performance, I learned to incorporate meditation, breathing and mindset practices to help athletes and other high-performers through their journey. My role as a high-performance coach is to help you and or your team develop and maintain the tools needed to live a healthy, balanced, fulfilled life – on and off the sporting field. This holistic approach has helped so many others achieve a deeper level of performance.


UTS logo
Bachelor of Human Movement (Honours)
University of Technology, Sydney
ESSA logo
Accredited Exercise Scientist
Australian Exercise Science Association
Southern Cross University logo
Graduate Certificate, International Sport Management
Southern Cross University, NSW
Heart Math logo
HeartMath Certified Mentor & Coach
HeartMath Institute
Monash University Logo
Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Peak Performance
Monash University, Melbourne
ASCA logo
Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach
Australian Strength & Conditioning Association

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