Life Is Constantly Changing

Things change all the time. An important and noteworthy rule that connects everything in the universe is that change is constant. We are evolving and progressing in each and every moment. The cells in our body are continuously transforming (depending on which article you read) every 7-10 years. After that time, we are essentially new people due to the fact that every single cell in our body has been replaced with a new cells.

Change is also interconnected in our daily lives via what we experience. We move house, we change jobs, we make new friends and connections. We lose loved ones, we gain loved ones. It’s all a big cycle of coming and going. Breaking down and building up, inhaling and exhaling. Change is everywhere and in everything.

Sometimes when change is happening, we get scared and shut ourselves down. We make ourselves feel uncomfortable because we have become out of sync with the flow of our existence. Life can feel quite exhausting when we are forever swimming upstream against the current. Fatigue, stress, anger, resentment, frustration, rage, anxiety and depression can be experienced as individual emotions and or states of being.

Another thing we do as humans regarding change is that we try to hold on. Hold on to everything that is no longer there because it has already changed. It is impossible to hold onto something that is no longer there. This puts us into a false reality and takes us out of our body. In order to hold on, we have to make up false ideas and concepts which make us ‘feel’ like we are still in possession of something that no longer exists.

A more progressive way to move through life with grace and flow is to connect yourself with this universal law of change. This can make us feel so happy and healthy on all levels. We know life is constantly evolving and if you look at the universe and everything in it, you can gain a greater appreciation and trust. You can have comfort in the fact that within the evolution of the universe and its contents, that there has been an obvious refinement - an upgrade of sorts. If we can bring that mentality to our lives, knowing that we are always changing and growing in a positive direction, we can let go of the shutting down and holding on. Embracing in trust and a willingness to partake in the process of life.

We can then start to live a life where we are open to change, moving with it. Allowing us to fall into deeper alignment with everything that is around us. Not judging things as good or bad, but seeing life for what it is. A moving from one state to the next. Maveling in the progression, engaging in a mental curiosity and appreciation for what is coming next.

If you’re in a state of openness and allowing, you are able to enhance your capacity to attract all the people, places and things that will help you in becoming your best self, so that you can live your best life. We are here to evolve, grow, change and learn. Letting go of what was, embracing what is and what will be is a sure ticket to work with life on a higher level. Experiencing more gratefulness and acceptance of your life, you find yourself enriched in more happiness. 


The ocean is constantly changing. No two waves are the same.