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Physical and
Rehabilitation Coaching

The complete
physical coaching program

Learn how to unlock your body’s full potential and perform at your best. Physical and Rehabilitation Coaching is designed to support you in overcoming an injury, improving your overall health and or elevating your sporting performance.

You Must Release The Tissue Before You Lengthen & Strengthen the Tissue.

Muscle fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that surrounds and separates muscles, providing support and structure to the muscular system. The fascia plays a crucial role in transmitting forces generated during muscle contraction, enabling smooth and coordinated movement.
Myofascial release work is essential because it helps release tension and restrictions in the muscle fascia, promoting better muscle function, mobility, and overall well-being.

Increased Muscle Mass Is Essential For Overall Health and Performance.

Increased muscle mass offers several important benefits for overall health and well-being:

  • Improved Metabolism, muscles are metabolically active tissues, meaning they burn more calories at rest compared to fat.
  • Increased Strength and Physical Performance, more muscle mass translates to greater strength and physical power, which can enhance athletic performance.
  • Increased Joint Stability, strong muscles provide better support to joints, reducing the risk of injuries and conditions like arthritis.

Physical and Rehabilitation Coaching Benefits

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Reduce Pain

stiffness icon

Reduce Stiffness

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Increase Movement and Mobility

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Increase Strength and Power

High-Performance Strength and Conditioning.

“Mitchell customised a personalised performance and specialised training plan that has helped me set and achieve realistic short and long-term goals.  Mitchell continually modifies my plan as I surpass short-term goals and become stronger and fitter.

Mitchell keeps me accountable to my training plan, positively challenges me to never give up, teaches me how to minimise wasted time and maximise results and helps me work on my weaknesses to become a better version of myself both as a person and an athlete.”

Jackson Walls

Injury Rehabilitation and Recovery.

“I’ve been working with Mitchell for a number of years both personally and within my company. He is a crucial member of my inner group that keeps me running at peak performance both mentally and physically. I highly recommend his services whether for personal performance or to keep your team running at the top of their game.”

Grant Pellew


Sessions are conducted online or face-to-face. For groups, teams and corporate contact Mitchell directly to discuss your needs and for custom packages. Payment programs are available.


For all Physical and Rehabilitation clients, you can subscribe to the weekly training schedule, one session per week of four weeks – minimum. After that time you can choose to regress the frequency of your sessions based on your needs.


  • 4 x 1 hour one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Customised coaching and instruction
  • Learn to mobilise your body to increase movement, decrease pain and increase performance
  • Improve posture to enhance musculoskeletal function
  • Build strength, relative to your training age to overcome an injury, enhance metabolic health and or increase sporting performance
  • Weekly email or text check-ins for the duration of your coaching
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For self-motivated and or skilled training clients who want a custom program without regular session coaching. Custom programs can be created for specific client needs and goals, custom programs are designed for 6 weeks training blocks. Furthermore, custom programs are a great idea for clients who no longer need to do regular weekly coaching but still want ongoing guidance and support.


  • Custom 6-week training program
  • Exercise implementation and movement coaching
  • Technique correction and execution
  • Progressive overload and exercise development
  • Increase movement, mobility and strength
  • Further check-in coaching can be provided at an extra cost
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