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This episode of The Love Over Fear Podcast connects us with Nathan Brown. Browny, as he’s more commonly known, was part of the 1st men’s online mediation group that I ran. I was blown away by his story and energy that he brings to each and every moment.

Browny has been working in the world of action sports for more than a decade and has played a significant role in delivering shows like The Crusty Demons and The Nitro Circus. A travelling extreme sports circus which showcases the worlds best BMX, skateboarding and freestyle motor cross athletes in the world.

Nathan has created a highly enviable career that any sports management professional would love to step into. But that’s not how Browny felt. Nathan was diagnosed with depression over two years ago and has been to some dark places within himself and even had suicidal thoughts at one point.

Browny’s story is one of positivity and hope that with the right support and self-effort you can overcome the inner obstacles that you’re facing. Browny, in my eyes, is as inspiration and shares with us how meditation, counselling, being more open and vulnerable and connecting with love ones and friends have got him back to a place where he is more aligned and connected to himself.

Browny has an amazing mental health podcast which he co-hosts with his friend Luke. To connect with Browny and what the show has to offer please search Skip This Podcast on any of your favourite podcast hosting sites to listen in.

Nathan Brown


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