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This episode connects us with Simon Williams. Simon is a former Australian Institute of Sport and NSW Institute of Sport athlete who has always been fascinated with the ‘inner’ game – that of the Mind and its power over the construction or destruction of our future. Having spent the past 20+ years coaching and facilitating people’s personal & professional growth, Simon has developed an innovative and extremely powerful new coaching program that takes a participants’ mindset & performance to the next level.

The Talent Ascension Program (TAP) is Simon’s answer to the prayers he had as a 22-year-old athlete wanting to know how to succeed as a professional athlete. Formulated from his 20+ years of experience, as well as, the concepts, tools and strategies he’s learnt from some of the most successful high-performers in the world, the Talent Ascension Program is a one-of-a-kind program that supports aspiring, amateur and current professionals desiring the NEW competitive advantage. The Autumn II Intake for the TAP closes on April 19.

Simon Williams

The highlight from our conversation for me was Simons sharing of trust and how we can use trust as a tool to help move forward in the direction of our dreams and goals. If we don’t trust ourselves, how will we ever be brave enough to try new things and push the envelope? This was a great new awareness for me and got me thinking about ways in which I can build trust within myself and the people around me to help elevate my life experience.

Simon also has a podcast called The Mapplife Podcast where he sits down with some of the most high-achieving and highly-skilled & respected people on the planet to discuss mindset, performance and mental health. During each conversation, Simon & his guests dive deep to provide you with the greatest insights, tools and strategies to live a life with purpose, ‘on purpose’. Compassionately, no stone is left unturned. If you love hearing how to live a more inspired life & taste the flavours of inspirational achievement, this is the podcast for you.

If Simon’s story and his company offering interests you then check out his website and for more connection and content listen to his podcast and scroll through his Instagram.


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