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This episode connects us with Ben Carbis.  Ben is the National Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement Manager for the Australian Sailing Team and works in a project assistance role with Rowing Australia and the NSW Institute of Sport.

Former Australian Army Commander, Ben, has been enjoying the challenges of juggling multiple work environments, personal study and a passion for sport whilst living in Sydney for the past 9 months. After a successful 13-year career in the Australian Defence Force, which included two operational deployments to Afghanistan, Ben’s experiences in a variety of job roles is quite unique. He is passionate about building strong teams, seeking optimal performance and “is the epitome of productivity”.

Ben and his partner moved to Sydney from Melbourne when he accepted his current position to work alongside elite athletes and immerse himself in the industry he clearly loves. His responsibilities as an Athlete Wellbeing Manager include providing mental health support, personal development opportunities, career and education assistance, and community engagement facilitation. However, since his time in sport, Ben has identified that the scope of athlete wellbeing goes well beyond these pillars and is heavily reliant on building and cultivating relationships across the organisation.

Ben Carbis

Ben completed his Bachelor of Science with the University of New South Wales, majoring in Chemistry, whilst undertaking his initial military training. He has been working closely with elite teams for over a decade and has a strong interest in high performance, specifically in the fitness and sporting industries.

Ben is constantly seeking areas to improve and influence, whether it be fitness, education, personal and professional projects, or cognitive behaviours, and is focused on striving for excellence. His personal physical feats and extensive international travel make for interesting stories and insight into resilience, motivation, mental models and the benefits of networking. Leading teams through natural disasters, the streets of Afghanistan, career transitions and on the sporting field has ensured Ben is a rounded, people-first, loyal leader and manager of individuals and the teams in which they operate.As discussed in the show, here is the link to Ben’s Linkedin networking strategy presentation: Link

If you want to connect and learn more from Ben within his role as the National Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement Manager for the Australian Sailing Team, Rowing Australia and the NSW Institute of Sport connect with him via his Linkedin.


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