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This episode connects us with Cameron Weir & Jordan Browne. Cam & Jord are both enthusiastic, passionate and determined cricket coaches who have paved their way in the sporting industry through hard work, courage and resilience. Their friendship blossomed in the Cricket NSW pathway system before eventually joining forces together at Penrith Cricket Club, where they now compete together in the 1st-grade competition. Their friendship is built off cricket, golf, coffee and the gym.

Cam & Jord’s passion for coaching and health has now driven them down the athlete development path with a holistic program that has reached over 150 athletes in its short 10-week journey. myPEAC’s Summit Series program is a dream come true for Cam&Jord, aligning their passion for health, cricket, and young athletes all in one spot.

The Summit Series is essentially trying to bring the elite experience down to pre-elite athlete’s that have a thirst for wanting the best. The program delves into, strength and conditioning, mental and emotional skills, diet and nutrition and cricket strategy and awareness. Helping the myPEAC athletes find their balance and removing the guesswork when it comes to a holistic life.

Jordan and Cameron both produce their own podcast, (Cam&Jord Podcast), that interviews guru’s in the field: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Business. Their podcast is a one-stop-shop for listener’s to learn how to live a holistic life that suits them.

To connect with Cam & Jord for their cricket coaching business go to the myPEAC company website.

And for their holistic health company “Cam & Jord”, visit their Instagram.


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