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This episode of The Love Over Fear Podcast connects us with Mick Miller who is a 6-time Olympic strength and conditioning coach with a career spanning over 20 years.

Mick takes us into the mindset of what it took for him to become coach at an elite level and all the experiences that he was able to expose himself to along the way to grow.

Mick opens up about how he became unwell some years ago with a life-threatening illness. An illness that had a deep and lasting impact on him and how he lives his life now.

Mick’s journey of ‘recovery and discovery’ is very inspiring and there are many lessons that we can all learn from Mick in how he has been able to address the issues within his past to help him live a more open and free life – NOW in the moment.

The Right Path is a film that Mick and his team have created to help him share his passion for being open and vulnerable. This is a powerful short film that enables you to connect to the power of these traits (vulnerability and openness ). Mick’s shares part of his life journey and in this conversation, taking us into the film and the opportunities that are there for the viewer to find freedom and growth in their life.

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