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This episode connects us with Jordan Browne. Jordan is a cricketing athlete who has competed for the last 8 years in the Sydney Premier Competition. Jordan has also been coaching since completing high school, developing athletes on and off the field.

Over the past 12 months, Jordan has taken his passion for sport and coaching and created myPEAC.

myPEAC is a face-to-face coaching business that specialises in cricket coaching, developing more than just the sport’s batting, bowling, and fielding elements. The myPEAC community get access to an online platform called the summit series, the holistic training method the myPEAC team have created is filling a cap in the market that is so often forgotten. The summit series has professionals delivering content in various fields which include:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Mental and Emotional
  • Nutritional
  • Leadership
  • Strategy and awareness

Jordan was recently in my Meta Athlete course, which is a mental-emotional development program that coaches athletes on how to build confidence, self-belief and how to handle pressure so they can perform at their best in the sport they love. In today’s episode, Jordan and I take a deep dive into his experiences with:

  • Breath and meditation work
  • Values and beliefs
  • Understanding yourself
  • Mindfulness

Furthermore, it was great to hear how Jordan has applied these aspects to his development and it was exciting to see Jordan being awarded the player of the year at Penrith Cricket Grade Club! A very nice reward for all of his efforts.

Lastly, if you’re an emerging or up-and-coming athlete and you want to elevate your performance within the sport you love then please sign up for my up-and-coming athlete meditation webinar which is being held on Oct 25th at 7.30 pm. I will be teaching you how to meditate to enhance your confidence, self-belief and ability to handle pressure in your chosen sport.

There are only limited places in the webinar, so sign up today to ensure you don’t miss out.  For more information about me and my offering to support emerging athletes please check out my website and if you would like to stay connected, follow me on my social media accounts – Instagram Facebook, and or Linkedin.


To learn about Jordan and his pre-elite athlete services at myPEAC, please check out their website. To hear more about how Jordan and Cam are supporting holistic athlete performance check out the myPEAC podcast.


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