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This episode of The Love Over Fear Podcast connects us with Garrick Transell. Garrick aka Gaz owns a Yoga and Pilates Studio, which he dubs his ‘Personal Purpose Project’. The Studio uses Yoga, Pilates and Creativity Workshops as a vehicle to spread community, connection and belonging in Newport (on Sydney’s Northern Beaches).

Garrick is also a keynote speaker for some of Australia’s most innovative companies on topics ranging from Modern Leadership to Intrinsic Motivation, Creating Healthy Team Culture, Effective Communication Skills and Developing Positive Stress Resilience.

He also consults to a range of industries – from tech to finance and even local governments – helping good managers develop into great leaders.

“Modern leadership isn’t merely about being a great communicator, mentor or manager. To be truly effective as a leader requires a practical understanding of what makes your team tick.

It all boils down to The Big 5 – Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation, Understanding Fundamental Human Needs, Utilising the Science of Habit Formation, Developing Positive Stress Resilience, and Communicating with Clarity and Compassion.” ~ Garrick.

My personal favourite part of the conversation is the analogy that Garrick uses to describe how we can make more a difference in people lives. The idea of having a metaphoric bag of pebbles with you you can drop into a pond and create many ripples of compassion into someone else’s day.

It’s those small incidental interactions that we feel are insignificant but if we can deliver and give compassion to everyone we meet on a day in day out basis over a period of time, we can really begin to see the difference we can make to the people in our lives.

Garrick Transell

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