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This episode of The Love Over Fear Podcast connects us with Rob Pisto. Rob is a Holistic Health Coach and Community Leader. For over 7 years, Rob has run a boutique-style gym named Fit State Of Mind, which is now located in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Fit State Of Mind is much more than a gym! Rob’s passion is to help, support and encourage others to work both on their physical and mental health 365 days of the year!

Talking about his struggles with anxiety, Rob shares with us his own mental health journey and the steps he has taken to deal with that period in his life. Rob elaborates on how he used that experience to help him shape his business and how he works with his clients and members.

Rob teaches us about his “Holistic Health Habits” and how he connects with nature, movement and nutrition and so much more to help him fill his energetic cup to ensure he can serve and give to his community.

We talk about family and the balancing act that is required when running your own business and what it takes to maintain a great relationship with your partner and children. Employing the art of putting yourself first to make sure you have enough energy for your loved ones.

Rob inspires us with his vulnerability to seek help when he needs it the most by reaching out to other coaches who can help him take his life to the next level. Instead of bottling up anxiety, Rob shares his process of executing the inner confidence to seek help.

Rob Pisto

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