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This episode of The Love Over Fear Podcast connects us with Fran Dargaville. Fran is a Functional Nutritionist and Speaker with a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition, specialising in Gut Health. She aims to empower people to take control of their health with real food nutrition and lifestyle shifts. She believes you’re not stuck with your symptoms – they are simply messages from the body that something is out of balance. She does the detective work to get to the root cause of frustrating symptoms (such as fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues and hormonal imbalances), to bring the body back into balance for life.

Fran talks about intuition and how to realign yourself back to your inner voice. That voice which Fran believes is key in creating a deeper connection within you. Your intuition is that inner space where you can find your true north to help you create your optimal diet and beyond.

Fran opens up about her challenge with chronic fatigue and how she created that illness by pushing herself because she didn’t feel worthy. Fran breaks down the process of how she has reshaped every aspect of her life and the process of converting the negative thoughts in her mind. Fran describes the changes she has made as ongoing, but can you take the action to create love and joy each day with the steps towards the vision you want for your life.

Fran D'argaville

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