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This episode of The Love Over Fear Podcast connects us with Jim Colley. Jim is an elite sailing athlete who is part of the Australian sailing team. This episode is a special one for me because Jim has been one of the clients that I have taken through my Heart of Performance program which brings together my experience of coaching clients for over 15 years and my recent years of meditation and mindfulness coaching, combined with my newly appointed HeartMath tools and techniques.

Jim teaches us about how he has created his elite mindset, how he uses visualisation, meditation, mindfulness and the breath to create an inner state of optimal performance to help him go after his vision of Olympic selection and winning a medal for our country.

The biggest take-home for me from this conversation was how Jim used to not feel he was good enough to make it at the highest level and the inner pain he was feeling at the time and how that was affecting his performance on and off the water and what he did to release all of that baggage to make a change for the better.

Jim Colley


Instagram: @colley_connor_49er


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