Areas Of Focus

Mitchell’s services are generated by the individual client's needs, goals and aspirations. Everyone has a unique story, which requires specific attention and care. The three main areas Mitchell draws on are:

1. Your state of mind

2. Current level of physical fitness

3. Nutrition and detoxification 



Mitchell uses breath focused meditation as a tool to assist in balancing the nervous system, enhancing the body's ability to recover from fatigue. The technique is also used to improve your faculty of focus, allowing you to stay in moment with your task of choice, decreasing the noise from external distractions. The nature of breath meditation is to develop resilience via bringing the mind back to a centred place. This enables the mind to take on more complex tasks, thus producing higher levels of performance. 

Learn To Meditate Course: 4 x 1 Hour Sessions = $450

One-on-One 1 Hour Session = $120

Group Sessions Available (Investment Dependent On Group Size and Location)



The overall goal of Mitchell's movement program is to have you feeling dynamic and powerful in your body. This is done using mobility, flexibility and stability specific exercises aimed to help people become pain free and open. Once those outcomes are met, specific focus can be be given to developing your sporting performance, leisure pursuits and or your activities of daily living. Mitchell also has extensive experience in injury and postoperative rehabilitation.

One-on-One: 1 Hour Session = $120

Group Sessions Available (Investment Dependent On Group Size and Location)



Mitchell's focus area for nutrition is to assist people cleanse their system using a wholefood, mainly plant based diet. Concentrating on the lymphatic system (your body's sewer system) Mitchell uses fruits, vegetables and herbs as the main tools to replenish and create energy at a cellular level. The body is the healer and energy is at the core of all healing and performance. 

One-on-One: 1 Hour Session = $120

Through discipline comes freedom.
— Aristotle