Client Feedback

I first met Mitchell when I was managing grief and an overweight and sluggish body. With my personality of wanting to achieve at all costs I couldn’t understand why making plan to return to good health had become so complex. Mitchell was able to take me on a journey of breath and movement which started me on a path of sustainable results. Recently I have reconnected with Mitchell to tap into his skills of mindfulness and meditation. As a career professional I love taping into his coaching style to assist me become a high performing leader, but not at the cost of self, health, family or friends. Mitchell’s unique style supports a contemporary take on what history’s greatest leaders have known for 1000’s of years. Mitchell is a valued member of my tribe.
— Amanda Terranova
I have been working with Mitch for over a year now and results are better than expected. Anyone can help you with strength but what Mitch teaches is the importance of movement and flexibility. In my sport (sailing) being able to move around the boat free and easy has helped improved my results. I now come off the water after a huge heavy air day without any soreness which is a great feeling over a week long regatta. I have also noticed the benefits from lack of injuries after heavy capsizes and high speed crashes due to my body now having full movement. I fully 100% recommend working with Mitch!
— Grant Pellew
I started about a year ago training three times a week with Mitch to try & regain some mobility. As an adult I climbed in the Himalayas & sailed competitively, so I felt like a cripple, having inherited really severe arthritis from my father. I no longer use a walking stick and my strength and ability to move around has remarkably improved. Soon I will be able to get up from the floor!!! How about that at 79? He is quite exceptional. And in addition to all the physical improvement, he brightens me up a lot with his delightful personality.
— Judith Sperling
I started training with Mitch with the aim of increasing my strength and fitness for competitive sailing. Not only has Mitch helped with the strength and fitness he has changed the habits of my husband, daughter and myself with positive eating and lifestyle changes. Mitch’s approach is not just about smashing someone in the gym, he starts from the basics and helps with guidance on a holistic approach to movement, diet, exercise and mindset. I feel like a different person now on the sailing boat, I have more flexibility, movement and agility and look forward to my weekly sessions.
— Katie Spithill
It all started with a swollen ankle and sore hip joint, which was not from an injury but a lifestyle. With advice and support from Mitch I have kicked a major caffeine habit. This has lead to totally changing the way I eat and look at life. It has not been easy and at times giving up was tempting but we have come through with meditation and perseverance. I am exercising better and more regularly and feel more optimistic about many areas of my life. My body has responded quickly by already shedding some weight and returning to a monthly cycle that had been absent for some years. Who would have thought at 50 you could make a brand new start, I know that my children are definitely enjoying the new calmer me.
— Debbie Brennan
Mitch’s holistic approach to training, health and wellbeing is both refreshing and inspiring. His personalised care, tailoring and understanding exactly what my body requires is comforting and empowering. His combination of mind, body and soul is healing and has changed my attitude to eating, nutrition and training. After years struggling to recover from spinal surgery, Mitch has made it possible for me to return to life’s normal activities. I can work, rest and play with renewed confidence. He has changed my life for the better; I haven’t felt this well and happy in years.
— Carl Tobia
I have been training with Mitch 2-3 times a week for about a year and have come a long way to achieving my goals of flexibility, strength and overall fitness. I think you need three things in a trainer: a wide range of knowledge about physiology, exercise and nutrition, a willingness to tailor the program to the client, and at the same time the ability to push you to work harder when you need to! I think Mitch does all three of these, which is quite rare. I enjoy it too.
— Susan Bell
Recovering from a debilitating illness, I was fortunate enough to find Mitch. From Day 1 his guidance and attention to my needs were well beyond his years. His philosophies and meaningful connection to all he teaches has made a huge impression on each of us and I regard him as a true, valued friend.
— Lyndall Bacon
I trained with Mitch when I was going through a tough time in my life - re-adjusting to new surroundings, battling my weight, and fighting my demons. Mitch took me on and made me feel like I ‘could’ and I then believed I ‘could’ and I did! I lost weight, got healthy, felt fit for the first time in my adult life and enjoyed the journey whole-heartedly. Mitch never wears the ‘judgement hat’; he takes you as you are. A truly wonderful soul and a great inspiration.
— Melanie Colling
I have trained with Mitchell Woods as an athlete, as a time-poor business professional, in pregnancy and as a mum. Mitchell has constantly evolved with me and adapted his training throughout my lifestyle changes. I can only speak highly of Mitchell as a person and as a trainer. I found Mitchell to be positive in his attitude and thorough in his approach. He is both professional, but grounded in his outlook. Working as a team, I have always experienced great results.
— Heidi Lambeth
When I first came to Mitch, my strength was pretty low, I had a problem knee, and I was very intimidated by gyms and personal trainers. Mitch immediately put my fears at ease. He works on the whole person, physical, emotional, and even spiritual. I can definitely say that not only did I become physically stronger, more mobile, and pain-free, I gained spiritual grounding, and a friend in Mitch.

Mitch stays fully present with you while training—he knew when I could push myself, when I needed encouragement, and if I was having a bad day just by reading me. Mitch’s training style is solidly based on a deep knowledge of physiology with a refreshing balance of intuition, which sets him a part from any other trainer I have ever worked with. The result, for me, was optimal health; I will always be grateful that Mitch crossed my path.
— Ashley Skoda
When I started with Mitch I had significant limitations with my walking resulting from a unique knee problem. Mitch worked out a program that was based on my needs, rather than trying to fit me into a program. It’s been really helpful to have one on one session’s with Mitch. He gives me exercises, which are ideal for my knee/body and gives clear explanations, knowing how best to guide me for my knee problem. He is also very patient and very encouraging—two qualities I really value in him.

Over the weeks I have been seeing him, I have made positive progress, which far exceeds anything I imagined, would be possible. It was a thrill to do a lot of walking on a recent holiday and on a 40-degree day I managed to clock up 22,000 steps on a pedometer! I’m delighted with the progress I’ve made thus far and I’m very grateful to Mitch for his ongoing support and help.
— Stephanie Carmichael